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The 6 Canvas 4 Life Company Values

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GREAT just isn't good enough ! We are never satisfied to the point we all sit back and relax. We are always looking at ways to improve and are always looking to recruit the very best people to join our growing team of brilliant individuals. To us, satisfying customers isn’t quite enough – we want to delight them.

Do just one thing - BUT do it really, really well ! We print photos onto canvas - nothing else. We think it's good to stick to doing what we do best - and keep on doing it.....even better!

Focus on our users - everything else will fall into place. In everything we do, we like to think of our users, rather than our own internal goals and margins. After all, we believe that by doing this, everything else will simply follow!

Big but small! We are a big company that continues to expand globally; but we make sure we never lose sight of what we set out to do when we were really small - that of making moments last a lifetime for each and every one of our users. From this angle, we still see ourselves as really small.

A team Being a team is at the very heart of our success. We believe that teamwork is essential in creating an environment where innovation and good ideas blossom. We are always listening and suggesting new ways to improve ourselves collectively as a team.

Have fun!
This speaks for itself really!