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From our place to yours

OK - so you've got the perfect photo, and we've just made you the perfect canvas print. We still need to make sure it reaches you in super quick time and in perfect condition.

All our canvas prints are carefully wrapped with several layers of bubble wrap before being securely fastened with shrink wrap for the ultimate in protection.

We have teamed up with Parcel Force and are able to offer two levels of service. Our standard SuperSaver delivery guarantees delivery of your canvas print within 5 working days - and is completely FREE! Or, for £7.95, choose our super fast Express delivery option which is guaranteed within 2 working days. These times are inclusive of both production AND delivery times!

The 5 Canvas 4 Life business principles
GREAT just isn't good enough !
We are never satisfied to the point we all sit back and relax. We are always looking at ways to improve. In this regard, we continually invest in our Research & Development program where we face all sorts of new challenges - from testing new and improved materials to developing our software and end user experience.

Do just one thing - BUT do it really, really well !
We print photos onto canvas - nothing else. We think it's good to stick to doing what we do best - and keep on doing it.....even better!

Focus on our users - everything else will fall into place.
In everything we do, we like to think of our users, rather than our own internal goals and margins. After all, we believe that by doing this, everything else will simply follow!

Big but small!
We are a big company that continues to expand globally; but we make sure we never lose sight of what we set out to do when we were really small - that of making moments last a lifetime for each and every one of our users. From this angle, we still see ourselves as really small.

A team
Being a team is at the very heart of our success. We believe that teamwork is essential in creating an environment where innovation and good ideas blossom. We are always listening and suggesting new ways to improve ourselves collectively as a team.

OK, enough About Us; let's start thinking About You and making your special moment last a lifetime....

Quality detection software
By using our advanced software you can upload images and instantly determine the quality of your picture. The software embedded in the site will automatically detect the resolution and pixel dimensions of your photo and only allow you to choose sizes compatible with your image quality, ensuring top quality canvas prints each and every time! Several of our competitors will allow you to upload your photo (without checking the quality) and then allow you to choose a great big canvas (so they can charge you more money) - only for you to then be disappointed when you receive the print! By using our software, there is no danger of this.

Real time virtual preview

After uploading your photo and passing it through our online quality detection software, you will be taken to our virtual preview area where you will be able to fully customise your photo canvas in real time. As you customise your photo canvas, you will see the effects each change you make has on the end result so you can rest in the comfort of knowing that you can see exactly what you will be getting - no nasty surprises on delivery day!

Living room viewer

OK - so you've customised your perfect canvas but there is still one thing missing. How will it look in your room? Not just on a wall - but in your room. Impossible? With the Canvas 4 Life living room viewer, this is now possible. You can fully customise your own room, adding or removing common household objects ranging from tables and chairs even through to your cat! Change the colour of the walls to match yours and match the colour of your floor - you can even choose between carpet and tiled! It can even be seriously fun; don't get carried away - back to making that perfect canvas!
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When you decide to transfer your favourite photo onto canvas, we know that it has to be just perfect. That's why we source the finest materials and have mastered the art of creating the perfect canvas print that is sure to last a lifetime!

Each and every canvas print is professionally made up using the latest equipment and stretched to the correct tension equally over all dimensions, and mounted onto real artists’ stretcher bars, with corner wedges inserted. Unlike some companies who merely produce a canvas print and send bars for you to try to stretch and make up yourself; or others who simply use block board or glued together bars which do not allow for future tension adjustment.

Simply hover over the info buttons Info on the left to find out exactly what makes the perfect canvas print.
Canvas 4 Life has grown to become the leading photo canvas provider globally with state of the art production centers throughout the UK and North America. Here, we hope to give you an insight into Canvas 4 Life as a corporation by defining our 5 main principles.
Our unique ordering system has been developed with you in mind. We know that when you decide to have your photo put on canvas to help capture a moment for a lifetime - it has to be simply perfect! Our unique ordering system will help you get it just right.